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Over the many successful years livewire has been providing our key services to our customer base. On many occasions and especially with large scale projects the need for a fully integrated service becomes more apparent.

Livewire can incorporate any of our additional services with a full Data, Power or telephony installation, saving time and reducing the overall budget cost for a complete solution.

Alternately Livewire can offer Smartboard, access control, CCTV and Rointe installations as a standalone installation. Livewire have selected what we feel to be the best product range available.

We have worked extensively with manufactures and suppliers to ensure a trouble free installation and continued back up service.

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Livewire SMART board installations

Smart Boards

From the initial survey to a complete and fully functional Livewire SMART board installation.
Livewire can provide the necessary power, data and AV cable routing exceeding the required standards.

Livewire CCTV installations


Recent developments in CCTV technology have resulted in a range of systems that can be implemented in almost every situation and at reasonable costs.

Livewire Access Control installations

Access Control

Livewire provide a comprehensive, independent and unbiased report on the condition of your installation.

Livewire Rointe Heating installations

Rointe Heating

The term Service and Maintenance describes a variety of differing tasks undertaken to ensure that building services systems remain fully functional,

Axis Companion

AXIS Companion video management software is designed for small businesses needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. It offers quick and easy system setup and intuitive operation.