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The Livewire Rointe K Series Electric Radiators are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter months. Their elegant & slim line design, coupled with a non fading pure white finish ensures they look stylish in any home. The Livewire K Series also use Rointe’s patented, exclusive electrical technology – Optimizer Energy Plus. This ensures the Livewire K Series produce heat efficiently, resulting in you saving money on your heating bills.

Start saving on energy bills now!

Reduce and save money on your heating bills

Efficiently heats the whole room from floor to ceiling

Looks stylish with extremely easy installation

Thanks to Rointe’s innovative Optimizer Energy Plus technology, the K Series Electric Radiators are able to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature, using the right amount of energy only when needed. This allows the room to be at a stable temperature, allowing for more comfort.

Available in a range of sizes, the K Series is the perfect electric radiator for any sized room. Useful for both domestic housing and businesses, our K Series radiators have been seen in apartments, chalets and mobile homes to schools, nurseries, hospitals and offices.

Livewire have carried out a range of Rointe installations from office floors to domestic properties. For further information contact one of our specialist estimators who can advise you on the correct size units for any room size. 

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Click here to see the video presentation on the Rointe system / or here to be taken to the Rointe gallery.