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Lines and calls

Lines and calls at competitive prices

Since 1989, Livewire Voice and Data Communications have been providing bespoke telephone systems, call packages and phone line solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

Our objective is to tailor our communication solutions specifically to your requirements and by using the best combination of technology and products we can achieve savings greater than possible by switching supplier alone.

Call us on 020 8254 0800 to discuss reducing cost on:

  • SIP lines
  • ISDN lines
  • Analogue lines
  • Fax lines
  • Broadband connectivity
  • FTTC (Infinity) data connections
  • Leased line data connections

We are committed to delivering the cheapest business calls possible, without compromising quality.
We do this by profiling your call usage, looking at your current supplier package and any billing issues to determine the best possible business call alternative – savings of up to 40% are not untypical.

Livewire will perform a free audit of your bill to assess your possible savings!

Please contact Livewire to discuss how we can save you money on your telephone bills and add features to save you time and money on 020 8254 0800